World Green Economic Summit 2022

  SUMMIT OVERVIEW As Covid-19 upended the global economy, another quiet shift was also taking place. ESG (or environmental, social and governance) investing had been around long before the pandemic. In 2020 it hit the mainstream, driven by an avalanche of capital and a new green growth consensus among business leaders and policymakers. The boom shows no signs of abating. It is estimated that by 2025, more than a third of all assets under management will be tied to ESG metrics. Just a few short years ago, sustainability was a nice-to-have luxury for those who could afford it. Now, the green economy is the economy. The ESG investment boom combined with an urgent post-pandemic economic recovery imperative presents a unique opportunity to reset national and business agendas. Forget digital transformation: in 2022 and beyond, sustainable transformation will drive a global surge in demand for green infrastructure that will reshape finance, shake up natural resources markets and redefine the